Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Imagine: In the Beginning....

....there was anger, pain, insomnia, weight gain, and worse.

Imagine losing 150 pounds, keeping it off for 5 years, and then gaining 20 pounds back and not being able to get rid of it.

Imagine being angry, moody, depressed, in pain, and unable to sleep, and unable to tap into the fun of life much of the time.

Imagine finally doing something about all of this, getting a diagnosis, starting on the road to recovery, only to fall right off into a deep ditch full of sticky mud.

Imagine losing a cherished friendship due in part to falling off that path.

If you can imagine any or all of this, then know that there are answers and solutions to such profound problems.

Imagine getting back on track with healthy weight loss.

Imagine finding again emotional balance, perspective, and the joy of life.

Imagine real pain relief and sleep.

Imagine, if not regaining the depth of that relationship, being able to cope with the change.

Imagine getting serious about health issues and finding realistic, healthy solutions.